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About Us

Radix Integrated Solutions is a progressive and premier Skill enhancement & Business strategic management consulting organization that has rapidly gained a good reputation for excellence through its innovative approach. Radix Integrated Solutions by a group of people with rich industry expertise. Our mission is to enhance communities with national and international scholars and institutions with whom our staff and students are linked.
We provide highly effective and result oriented consulting, trainings and assessments to address any of your business, operations,
and compliance requirements to unlock the full potential that your business deserves.

RIS provide a comprehensive range of consultancy, training and support services in the field of Business Process Re-engineering,
Quality Management, General and Strategic Management .RIS competency is derived from rapid performance-based, industry-tailored and technology-enabled services delivered by our team of experts. RIS internal information technology and knowledge management systems enable the delivery of timely services to the clients. RIS have various divisions for client’s support namely-
• TSG(Training Service Group)
• CSG( Consultancy Service Group)
• HRSG( HR Service Group)

Pharma training courses


To support the society and industries through Skill enhancement & strategic partnership in Integrated business solution.


Professional  Integrity & Trust


Our Training solutions developed by subject matter experts not
only help organizations and individuals improve competence
and skills but also strengthen their competitive edge.

RIS provides courses in.


Certification Computer and IT courses

Assesment &
Internal Audit

Today competitive environment require customised approaches to address
the process performance& compliance and technology related business challenges.
Our Auditing services improving sustainable efficiency of operations
through Management system standards and proven frameworks.
Our Gap Assessments and Internal Audits conducted by the expert teams show
where you stand and help inform your next step. RIS provide the assurance that
future visions are built on strong foundations, that they’re informed by relevant insights
and guided by sound decisions. In all the audits that we conduct, our primary focus
remains to illuminate the what, how, and why of change so you’re always ready to act ahead.

Internal audit service
Six Sigma Green belt in pharma

ISO Certification

ISO Certification supports you to build up your business an unequivocal path which finally urges
your business to grow dependably and achieve the necessary needed results.
With the help of your ISO Certified business you can have continuously huge and unequivocal
procedures which give a need over your opponents
RIS guide and facilitate organizations to define, document, implement and continually improve
their working systems based on Quality principles and International standards viz.
ISO 9001 QMS, ISO 14001 EMS, ISO 13485 Medical devices, ISO 22000 FSMS, ISO 45001
,ISO 50001 EnMS, ISO 27001 FSMS.

Clinical research course_Six sigma


The candidates are given opportunity to work on real projects and Internship certificate will be provided by RIS. 

RIS providing a broad spectrum of Internship projects.