Strategic Business Excellence Deployment

Good Organizations, worldwide have benefited from deployment of various forms of quality programs like TQM, Six Sigma, Lean manufacturing, CII EXIM model, MBNQA framework ,Ramakrishna Bajaj quality award ,company specific models etc.

Now these days merely good products is not fair enough for competitive world organizations should focus on Cost Effective, Good Quality Products ,more productivity along with sustainability.  For achievements these organizations to make it robust over a period of time. This is possible only by following structured program called Business Excellence Deployment.

RIS will thoroughly understand client’s business requirements and chalk out trailormade an approach that suits their business priorities keeping desired results in mind .The strategy may bemade for 3 to 5 years.

We are creating strategies for an organizations.Our team of expert consultants conducts a detailed gap assessment and interview with top management to design a lond term strategy for deploying Business Excellence Initiative to achieve its vision and mission.

RIS will guide clients for the development of Vision, Mission, and Strategies. Deployment of Strategies is done through Hoshin Kanri Or Policy Deployment approach. For any organisation Policy Deployment should be focus area from where organisation can achieve goal through critical breakthrough by planning, implementing and reviewing improvement activities. Japanese organisations’ Policy deployment implemented through Hoshin Kanri approach. Hoshin Kanri means Management of Direction or Management for Objectives achievement


Our improvement focus on PQCSDME (Productivity,Quality,Cost,Safety,Delivery,Morale and Environment)which is aligned with organization Policy, Vision and Mission.

Our impletation deployment is phase wise where we plan clear deliverables along with organizational structure and skill development for team

RIS Business Excellence Methodology

  1. Leadership
  2. POLICY AND Strategy
  3. People
  4. Process
  5. Kaizen Deployment
  6. Management System Deployment
  7. TEI ( Total Employee Involvement )
  8. Agility
  9. Customer driven excellence
  10. Sustainability

Benefit from Business Excellence Model

  1. Enchancement of Innovation
  2. Cost Effective Products
  3. More idea generation for improvement
  4. Increased customers satisfaction
  5. Growth of Organisational
  6. Improved employee satisfaction and involovement
  7. Improved productivity ,efficiencyand effectivenesss
  8. Product Reliability
  9. Sustainable growth of organisation

Road Map for Business Excellence Project Deployment

  1. GAP Assessment for Business Excellence
  2. Form Implementation Plan Committee
  3. Finalisation of Project Management Mannual and BE Policy
  4. Detailed AS IS Scanning and Mapping
  5. Training Plan Finalisation
  6. Project identification and Implementation Plan Execution
  7. BE Risk Mangement with all Stakeholders
  8. Internal Audit for implemented BE Project
  9. Project Closeout