What We're All About

Radix Integrated Solutions means source for problem solutions for various aspects. RIS Provide highly effective and result oriented consulting, trainings and assessments services to address any of your business , operation and compliance requirements to unlock the full potential that your business deserves.

We are Group of people who have acquired best in class experiences in Strategy management, Business Excellence, Energy portfolio & Sustainability, Management system consultancy, People capability, competency framework. Our people worked with known brands in different industries in Chemical, Engineering, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals and MSME

RIS utilise a wide range of methodologies, tools and techniques to provide services to our clients. To compete in today’s business competition a enterprise must continuously improve its performance. Improved performance alone, however, is not enough: improvement must be sustained and the personnel within the organisation fully engaged. We offer a bouquet of fully integrated strategic advisory services. Our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge combined with our collaborative approach helps dynamic business to grow.

Our team comprise seasoned industry experts with deep domain and technical skills on Operational Excellence, Business Strategy and Business Excellence. Our team bring along with us an unmatched combination of people, processes and technology supplemented by speed, quality and service.



  1. Strategy planning and implementation
  2. Business Transformation
  3. Operational Transformation
  4. Enterprise Risk Management
  5. Technological Transformation
  6. Risk and Compliance
  7. Energy portfolio management and sustainable services.
  8. Management System Services.
  9. Industry 4.0 service
  10. Training and Skill Enhancement Services
  11. Operational excellence life cycle management.
  12. Benchmarking projects & Business process reengineering
  13. Robust strategy deployment like balance scorecard and Hoshin Kanri .
  14. Supply chain excellence Model
  15. Develop SMEA ( Sustainable Manufacturing Excellence Award) model,
  16. Integration of management system excellence model to maximization of profit.
Six Sigma green belt

Learn Something Every Day

RIS provide a comprehensive range of consultancy, training and support services in the field of Business Process Re-engineering, Quality Management, General and Strategic Management. RIS competency is derived from rapid performance-based, industry-tailored and technology-enabled services delivered by our team of experts. RIS internal information technology and knowledge management systems enable the delivery of timely services to the clients. RIS have various divisions for client’s support namely-

·         TSG(Training Service Group)

·         CSG( Consultancy Service Group)

·         HRSG( HR Service Group)

Our Vision

Who We Are

"Vision and Mission


To be the leading Change Agent for  clients enhancing its competitive edge to achieve sustainable growth



To support the society and industries through Skill enhancement & strategic partnership in Integrated business solution.