How to gain customer through Marketing?

Do you still wonder why Digital marketing isn’t working for You?

You are giving so much effort to digital marketing still you aren’t getting success?

You are using Facebook marketing, Email marketing but still not getting the Lead?

Then you are at the very right place, one by one I will answer all the doubts that You have in your mind.

You will get to know why marketing is more important before Digital marketing, why you need to do Integrated marketing, where are you lacking in creating Your brand, and most importantly why is it necessary to work on a special niche.

Most important it is necessary to understand the Fundamentals of marketing?

Most of the people have the wrong conception that marketing is about creativity, you must be creative to get a new idea of marketing, but let me tell you this isn’t right, marketing is based on science. It starts with understanding the customer’s and customers’ needs that leads to creating a product that fits the customer need. Marketing is about sending the right message to the right person at right time. It isn’t just about selling your product to the customer but also to communicate with them so they could remain your customer for life long. Digital is just a tool while marketing is the actual process, marketing exists long before the evolution of digital marketing.

You must have proper knowledge of Segmentation, targeting, and positioning before advertising your product.

Most are also get confused with advertising and marketing.

Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.

Whileadvertising is the action of calling something to the attention of the public, especially by paid announcements, otherwise know as the paid, non-personal announcements of a business’s products or services to existing and prospective customers.

Advertising, copyrighting, and sales are a component of marketing.

Mu must know about 4 P of marketing. Product, price, placement, and promotion.

You must know how to do marketing keeping 6 M of marketing in mind.

Mission, market, message, media, money, and measurement. Learn more about fundamentals of marketing from Digitalvashu

Now you must understand why the fundamentals of marketing is necessary. You should also understand the Difference between Digital marketing and Traditional marketing and which medium will best suit for You.

While going to the office you must have encountered many banners and hoardings of different companies advertising their brands across the city.

In the newspaper, you must have seen advertisements for different sizes. While watching series and Movies on Television you must have encountered a small duration break in which you see an advertisement.

While hearing Radio you hear advertisements in between different songs.

These are an example of traditional marketing the way of marketing that is done through the traditional way without the use of the internet. While digital marketing is the marketing method which is done using a digital platform with help of the internet such as, SEO, Facebook ad, email marketing, display advertising.

Traditional marketing has an advantage that it has more audience reach with total TV viewers are 197 Million across India and the number of newspaper readers is 298 Million which is much more than the mobile users.

But digital marketing has an advantage that you can segment and target your audience very easily and more specifically. Example If your target audience is in the age of 20-25 years than using a newspaper ad there is much possibility that this may not reach your target audience and audience with 50+ age might read the newspaper which is not your target audience.

While in the Facebook ad you can apply a filter of age 20-30 and the advertisement will reach only those customers.

Need to understand CATT Marketing funnel.

Wealth = n^CATT




T= Trust


Niche your success depends on the niche you selected, remember one the jack of everything is master of nothing, so you may know to end up having knowledge of everything but you can not excel in one thing so select your specialization according to your talent, passion, and market.

Content is the king, you must have good content to sell, public won’t by junk content, once they know your content isn’t good they aren’t going to visit you again.

Attention: Drive the attention of the public towards you through various marketing tools like email marketing, SEO, Facebook marketing, etc.

Trust you have to build trust in the audience and trust can not be built in one day, you have to communicate with your audience, show them that you have a good product which will fulfill their need.

Translation This is the step where You need to convert your lead into customers, you have to adopt different sales method to attract them now they know your product and your brand so you can offer them discount to convert them.

Most of you are still wondering that you have used various digital marketing form but still didn’t getting the desired result. This is because you are using digital marketing as individually but never try of Integrated Digital marketing approach.

Now, what is Integrated digital marketing?

Integrated digital marketing is the approach of using various digital marketing tools together. You may be using Facebook marketing individually but didn’t get the results you be using email marketing but didn’t get the result. Digital marketing isn’t about using tools but it is about understanding customers and select the tools accordingly.

Use SEO marketing to extend reach, use newsletter tools to get the email of the audience to your mailer list.

Now target those audiences using email marketing continuously, use Facebook marketing again to reach them. Use Instagram ad and twitter ad to reach them again, marketing is about communication and never lose contact with your target audience.

You might have learned the basics of marketing till now and this is the time to create your own personal brand.

You need to create your personal brand as people always want to hear from people not from a brand.

You can take an example of Elon musk, his name is a much bigger brand that Space X and tesla.

You can create sub-companies under your name if you have a bigger personal brand and people will come to you if they know you.

The creation of a personal blog isn’t a one day process, you have to take time to build it, you have to first learn in-depth about ur niche by understanding the concepts, remembering the facts and practising your learning.

Apply your knowledge in your work

Create a blog and write articles daily about your learning, your blog will help you to gain an audience and you have the opportunity to show them how much you know about the specific area.

After you learned in-depth about you can start freelancing but also you can give consultancy to others who need it.

Mentoring those who want to become like you, in the process you learn a lot as you are bound to prepare good syllabus and a good understanding of the subject.

At last, you can create your own start-up in the niche you excel in.

So I guess you gained a lot of knowledge about the need for learning marketing you might have understood the difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing also learned the importance of building a personal brand.

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